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What Do You Get as a UTG Client?

Finally... a fitness and weight loss program in Westwood that actually works...

  • We Customize Your Program

    No “cookie-cutter” routines or diet plans here.   Your workouts and meal plans are designed from scratch, based on your lifestyle, goals, and needs.

  • You Get Access to a Private State-of-the-Art Facility

    Only clients have access to our gym.   All workouts are supervised by an instructor to ensure safety, proper form, and optimal results.

  • Unlimited Consultations & Revisions

    The whole point is for you to actually get the results you came for.  We will sit with you and revise every aspect of your program as many times as necessary.

  • A Team of Truly Caring & Dedicated Professionals

    Your success is our success… if you’re the type who needs us to hold your hand the entire way through – we will do that!

as featured

  • 'Secret Sauce' for Motivation, Accountability, and Support

    We developed and implemented the tools you need to succeed, including a new client start-up kit and progress reports to name a couple.

  • Highly Optimized Workouts for Rapid Fat Loss

    This is not a matter of opinion.   Clinical studies exist that clearly indicate what works the best.   We keep up-to-date.

  • Be a Part of a Friendly Like-Minded Community

    Almost everyone has the same goal here.   We watch our clients make new friends and find new supporters every day!

  • You Get Lots of Free Stuff!

    We figure that the more we can provide, the better your chance of success.  Enjoy complimentary reading materials and workshops, among other things.

Some Things You May Experience...

  • Lose up to 6 pounds of body-fat (not weight) per month
  • Watch your waistline drop inches fast
  • Learn to keep these results forever
  • Feel more confident at the beach
  • Have more energy now than even when you were in your prime
  • Know and feel yourself being healthier
  • Reduce stress and feel happier



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Our proven track record allows us to offer this.  If you enlist in our program, come at least 2 times per week, and for whatever reason feel like UTG is not the right fit for you… not only will we gladly cancel your program… but also issue a full 100% refund.



May 8, 2014


Dear Client,


Let me tell you the truth about the fitness...


I have hosted thousands of personal training consultations... so I already know that if you made it to this page... At least one of the following must be true about you:


1. You want to lose body-fat. Note: often we mask this goal with expressions such as "toning" or "being healthy."

2. You have tried all kinds of strategies to lose weight, but they have only temporarily worked at best.

3. You seem to be slowly gaining weight as you get older.

4. You are struggling to lose the very last 5-15 pounds, or having a hard time keeping the weight off.


I'll be honest...

When I started out as a personal trainer, and even years into operating independently...


I was having a hard time delivering results to my clients.


Many scientific, medical, and holistic explanations exist for why Americans are struggling with their weight loss...

However it's fairly easy to see the main issue with our fitness... is that...


We lack motivation.


After years of research and practice... and with the help of the entire UTG Team...

I have developed the:




Look - if you see or hear any variation of the claim I just made... run fast in the other direction.

The truth is... there is no shortcut to success, and certainly no "one-size-fits-all" routine.

There is certainly no replacement for the hard work you will have to put in to see results.


Deep down you already know this - and fortunately we can help!


The UTG program is not some "Lose Fat Fast" scheme or trick...


And I don’t keep our methods a secret either… you can easily see on my page what the UTG program includes.


We simply use our expertise and our tools to help you eliminate the factors that are stopping you from seeing results.

Most importantly, we genuinely care and want to see you succeed.


So I leave you with this…


If you understand why UTG is so special, then please share the benefits of our program with your friends and loved ones.


If you do not understand what the big deal is about us, or if you just don’t have the time to read through our literature…


Book a FREE Consultation so that I can meet with you 1 on 1 and go over in detail how everything works.

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Dedicated to Your Success,

Tamir Greenberger, Founder

P.S. Please be aware that because space fills up quickly, you should book your consultation at least 2-3 weeks in advance of when you would like to begin… but only if you’re truly ready to work hard, because I put my reputation on the line with each client that comes into my facility.